How to Get Rid of Wasp Nest

Wasps are very common during summertime. We often become worried about wasp control and nest removal. When we notice the nests of the wasps around our home. The stings of the wasps are not so harmful but they can result in allergies in some people. This is a type of pests that love to destroy your sunny afternoons!

Wasps are the members of various groups of insects, which also includes ants and bees. Wasps can become very dangerous if you will attack them with any of the methods. It is very important to use the right equipment with proper treatment to prevent them.

Below Are Some Of The Process for Safe Wasp Nest Removal:-

1. Contact the professionals

Professional pest control is the best way to remove the wasp nest. They are well trained and are knowledgeable in removing wasp nests effectively. They are capable of using personal protective equipment(PPE) and respiratory protective equipment(RPE). It keeps them safe from the wasp stings while performing the process of removing the wasp nest. Also, they are trained to work efficiently in small spaces. 

2. Do it yourself method for removing a wasp nest

If you are planning to remove the wasp nest by yourself then you must plan well and with proper strategy. Choose the night time to remove the nest as wasps can easily handle at this time. wearing protective clothing will keep you safe from their stings. Do not use torches or any other such thing as they will be alert about what you are doing.  It is strongly recommended to keep your children and pets away from that specific place. If you are treating the wasp nest in your garden then keep them in the home.

 3. The procedure for eliminating a wasp nest

The night is the most appropriate time for removing the wasp nest. Cover the nest slowly with the help of a bin liner. Separate the wasp nest from the tree or the wall and seal up the bag. Place the bag outside in a bin, with a tightly fitted lid, away from the home. You can also spray insecticide on the nest before removal. 

Do not take risk of removing the nest from under your gutters or from any hard-to-reach place. Contact the professionals for this, else you can suffer from injuries. If you are allergic to wasp stings, then DIY wasp nest elimination can be very dangerous for you.

 4. How to stop wasp nests

You can also stop the growth of wasp nests in your home by regular cleaning of all the cracks and entry points. You can also put fly screens on the windows and doors of your home so that wasps can not enter your home.  Put wasp traps in your garden. You can buy these from any local store or online. You can also try to make one yourself by taking a bottle, water, and sugar.

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